iPhone 7 Plus Cases

WaterProof iPhone 7 Plus Cases

iPhone 7 Plus Case, iPhone 7 case, Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

Product description

  • Waterproof iPhone 7 plus case, the best protection you can find for your iPhone 7
  • Snow-proof, dust-proof, anti-shock and anti-scratch protection for your iPhone. Exclusive shock absorption design, easily survive drops from 6.6 feet. Anti-scratch design, your phone screen will be protected from scratches from hard objects. Your phone will be fully protected and remain its states once into the case.
  • Complete functionality retained, easy access to all buttons and plugs including lighting connector slot. You can charge you phone, adjust ringer and ringer volume when the case is on. Waterproof sound tunnel minimize the influence on sound, preserve the best sound quality of your phone.
  • Easy to use, just slide in your phone with the ringer button side to ensure all buttons remain function, then close the case with the lid.

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